Asia Pacific Journal of Educational Research, Secondary Education Institute

ISSN (Print) : 2586-548X
ISSN (Online) : 2799-3116


2018 Vol 1 No.1

From blocks to ideas: Caroline Pratt’s play-based curriculum as a graded exercise for developing reflective capacities

Keiichi Takaya

Helping Students Succeed in High School and on the Post-secondary Pathway: A Report on the USU STARS! I GEAR UP Program

Eric Packenham , Melia Balls , Doug Reiter

Integrated curriculum as an effective way to teach 21st Century capabilities

Susan M. Drake , Joanne Louise Reid

James’ Pragmatism in Dewey and Freire: On the Educational Need for a View of the Universe

Samuel D. Rocha

A New Perspective on Imagination in Curriculum Theory

Insook Cho , Hyeon-suk Kang